Are Businesses investing in Beacons?

Are Businesses investing in Beacons

At present, Beacons is one of the hottest technologies in the market. A steady increase is being noted in the number of enterprises implementing Beacons. Some companies implement Beacons with real-world projects, whereas others are launching new apps with Beacons technology. As a small and low cost hardware device, Beacons can be integrated seamlessly into a variety of devices. But the device is still effective in conveying the exact location of a user by sending out signals.

Beacons lack the capability to store any data. It also lacks the capability to send content. Likewise, it delivers proximity-based messages through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Hence, a device can use Beacons technology without being connected to the internet. An enterprise can use Beacons to identity the proximity of a user to a particular store, department, or aisle by transmitting signal to the users’ iOS or Android devices.  Many enterprises implement Beacons to make customer experience richer and personalized.

Using Beacons Technologies to Boost Customer Experience

Enhancing On-Store Experience

Large companies like Apple have already implemented Beacons across their retail stores. These companies like Beacons technology to identify the proximity of a customer to a store, department, or aisle. Based on the signal delivered by Beacons devices, these companies send more relevant notification to customers like current status of an order or completion of repairing/servicing. Some companies even use this technology to blend the on-store and online shopping experience of customers seamlessly, while reducing line of customers.

Improving Online Shopping Experience

Many ecommerce companies and web stores are using Beacons to accomplish higher conversion rate by personalizing online shopping experience of customers. These companies persuade users to activate Bluetooth Beacons on their mobile devices. Once the customer turn Beacons on, the ecommerce and retail companies send him product recommendations, offers, and coupons based on his current location. The contextual information delivered to the customer increases both sales and revenue. At the same time, many ecommerce application developers and retail application developers can also use Beacons technology to enhance both customer experience and satisfaction.

Delivering Relevant Push Notifications

The signal delivered by Beacons enables enterprises to enhance customer experience sending relevant push notifications. Popular sports organizations like Major League Baseball are installing Beacons antennas thought the stadium to deliver relevant push notifications to both existing and new users. In addition to simplifying ticket buying experience, Beacons further help such companies convey must see attractions in the stadium, sell fan merchandise, and offer coupons and concessions.

Facilitating Networking and Dating

Some companies even use Beacons technology to bring members or users together based on their current location. App-based dating services like Mingleton are already using Beacons to enables members to find other singles based on their current location. These companies persuade members to turn Bluetooth Beacons on their mobile device, and gather more relevant dating information through the app. The users can further share their dating profile with other singles in a particular area through the app. More companies will use Beacons in future to make it easier for members to socialize and data other singles based on their exact location.

Conveying Updated Information on Time

The signal delivered by Beacons also helps enterprises to deliver updated and relevant information to customers based on their current location. Major airlines like Virgin Atlantic are already testing the technology at various airports. These airlines take advantage of Beacons to convey updated information to passengers related to flight cancellation and delay. Likewise, they can also use the technology to convey expected arrival time of flights to passengers. At the same time, the airlines can also use Beacons to enhance passenger experience by providing currency exchange offers, conveying in-flight entertainment, and making promotional offers.

Integrating into Point of Sales Systems

Each enterprise nowadays has option to choose from a wide range of Beacons devices and apps according to its specific requirements. A business can integrate the USB Beacons developed by PayPal seamlessly into various point of sales (POS) systems. These devices are customized to make the online transactions simple and fast without additional maintenance or energy consumption. The retail outlets can use these USB Beacons to enable customers to make payment quickly through their PayPal accounts.

Interacting with Real World Objects

Google has developers an innovative technology called ‘Physical Web’ based on Bluetooth Beacons. The technology sends signal based on the current location of the user. At the same time, Physical World also allows users to interact with a variety of objects around them. The users can use the technology to interact with a vending machine, fridge or connected vehicle without any apps. They can simply walk next to the object, and start interacting with it through Bluetooth Beacons technology.

A number of studies have shown the rapidly growing adoption for Beacons technologies. But the enterprises have to address a variety of privacy and security issues to persuade users to turn Bluetooth on their mobile devices and access location services. Likewise, the enterprises also have to assure customers that they are not being tracked by the devices. But more and more companies will invest in Beacons to accomplish higher conversion rate by boosting customer experience.


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