Why are more and more developers leaning towards Python?

The IT industry these days is abuzz with a new general purpose language named Python. It can and is being used for web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, games, apps etc. The list is actually endless. It is no wonder then that the language has been listed amongst the top 5 most widely used programming languages in the PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index 2016. In fact, for the past 5 years, Python has been the top choice amongst developers. In the world of financial technology, there is a big demand for Python programmers.  According to eFinancial Careers UK, “The burgeoning trend now is to recruit Python developers for interest rate derivatives platforms, with both banks and hedge funds on this bandwagon.”

Why is Python so sought after?

To understand the popularity that Python commands over other programming languages, it is important to understand the features that set it head high. Some of these features are:

– A high-level programming language that is easy to use

Python seems to be easy enough for even the newcomers to follow. It is easy to understand even without the knowledge of coding a person can use it. It enables the programmers to write about the action to be performed without worrying about the syntax. The syntax in Python is influenced by other languages like C, C++, Java but is simplified. The language relies on whitespace and common expressions which make it user-friendly. It uses simple everyday language to convey the idea thus making coding easy. For novices, it offers readability and efficiency and hence it is popular amongst them.

– Simple but evolved language

Despite the simplicity, the language is highly evolved because of the rules on which it is built. A lot of attention is paid to readability in coding. It allows the developer to do complex things but not complicate them. It eliminates the need for extensive explanations making the code short and simple. Since most of the code is written in an easy to understand language, clarity becomes the most sought after in the coding. With all these rules, it becomes difficult to confuse or mess around with the language. Furthermore, it can be integrated with other programming languages like C+, Java.

– Compilation is not needed

A code written in Python can run on any system without the need for compilation and this is amongst the biggest advantages. This is because Python is an interpreted programming language. A developer can make changes to the code and see its impact immediately thus resulting in reduced coding time.

– Stepping into the world of coding     

Those who are new to the world of programming can use Python as a stepping stone. The language is easy to master and gives a head start on other languages based on similar principles. For instance, the object-oriented principles of Python are compatible with Perl, Java, Ruby and C++.

– Extensive Library Support

As compared to other programming languages, Python boasts of an extensive standard library. This is where a variety of programming tasks are already scripted into. It makes it easy for the developers because they do not have to write codes for such commonly used tasks.  Some of the common tasks that these libraries can accomplish are string operations, web services implementation, operating system interface management, working with internet protocols etc.

– Debugging made easy

Once a program is written, it also needs to be checked for bugs. With Python, this is easy because the web developers can choose from a range of debugging tools. There are more tools for debugging in the Python downloader package making it easy to debug using third party tools. All the codes in Python can be debugged using a single tool.

Vast range of Python Web Frameworks

The robust Python web frameworks allow the Python application developers to build a variety of websites as well as web applications. This is done more quickly than in other languages. Frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle etc. are available. The developers can choose from these frameworks some that are lightweight and minimalist and others which have advanced features for complex applications. The best part is that most of these are open source and free and supported by a large community. This open source framework is another reason for the success that Python enjoys.

Python offers many advantages to a developer and that is why so many developers are leaning towards it. It is not only a boon for those new in the world of coding but also helps others in the field make a transition to other languages easily.



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